Unmanned Surveillance Vehicle


Recently, the Tripi Detective Agency added an Unmanned Surveillance Vehicle (USV) to its repertoire of services. The unmanned surveillance vehicles have been highly appreciated in the field of surveillance and private investigations.  Let us define an Unmanned Surveillance Vehicle and how they are the most suitable choice when it comes to monitoring the employees and their work while they are at home.

The Unmanned Surveillance Vehicle(s) (USV) are stationary, non-intrusive automobiles or trucks equipped with WI-FI and 4 video cameras installed for a panoramic view that can be parked near a subject’s residence.  Licensed investigators can view live feeds and recordings from their office or in the field. The USV can be legally parked (i.e. away from fire hydrants, no parking zones, etc.) and record a subject throughout the day undetected.

The USV is an advanced approach to surveillance that cannot be interrupted by children or concerned neighbors who may otherwise call the police to report a suspicious person in the neighborhood. Additionally, they can be used 24 hours 7 days a week.  All the above specifications of this latest technology have made it the most beneficial choice for larger organizations or business owners to verify their employee’s activities.  Call or contact the Tripi Detective Agency for your specific needs.