Working From Home has Become a Challenge for Employers to Monitor the Productivity of Their Employee’s Work

In recent times, going to the office to work has changed significantly, primarily due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Prior to the pandemic, some employers started the trend by adding flexibility in the working style for the employees. In the 1990’s, for example, IBM realized the value by letting some of the work force work from home while the other went to the office using a shared space.  Here IBM saved in real estate and increased worker productivity. However, after the Covid-19 pandemic, it has become a must-do for most organizations to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. It is no longer safe to call every employee to the office and monitor their activities and evaluate whether or not they are following the guidelines. Hence, working from home became the best option which is equally safe and essential for the employer as well as the employee’s wellbeing.

Working from home has made the employee’s life easier by eliminating the hassle of going to the office every day. They are able to give more time to their families and are living a less stressed life due to the flexibility of doing all the work with the comfort of sitting in their living room, kitchen, home office, or bedroom. This whole change has been beneficial for the employees, but it has become a point of concern for the employers. Unfortunately, not everyone has the discipline to work set hours without the everyday distractions (walking the dog, keeping an eye on the children playing outside, yard work, visiting neighbors, etc.).  Many organizations are facing an obstacle with their inability to monitor their employees’ work.  Not all employees are working honestly in their working hours. They may leave their home station without notifying their employer by running out to the grocery store, visiting a friend, or even working from an undisclosed location that was not originally reported to their employer. Employers still have an obligation to their shareholders or business owners to properly monitor the productivity of their employees as if they were in the office.

Why most of the surveillance modes are not ideal

Many of us are well aware of the various agencies and organizations providing surveillance services. However, most of them are not equipped to monitor employees work habits. Let us understand which type of surveillance is the best and which are not ideal and why.  Many of the private investigation companies provide surveillance by installing a hidden camera somewhere close to the property to visually observe the activity of the person who is being surveilled. In most cases, these cameras are not a good option as they can be suspicious or damaged.  The camera can be easily displaced by curious children playing outside or anyone who inadvertently bangs into it.  Additionally, it is unlawful to place cameras on telephone poles, utility boxes, private property, etc., rendering it useless for evidence in court. Other private investigation agencies may have an investigator sit in a car with a camera for hours on end which eventually becomes suspicious after a short time.

Using drones can be a costly option as a mode of surveillance to verify employee’s activities during work hours.  It may be suitable in some circumstances where an employee’s home is located several hundred feet from the main road and surrounded by trees, making it impossible to observe any activity. The Tripi Detective Agency offers this service and is FAA Certified Pilot for sUAS (drones) and is approved for night-time flying.

The Unmanned Surveillance Vehicle (USV)

Recently, the Tripi Detective Agency added an Unmanned Surveillance Vehicle (USV) to its repertoire of services. The unmanned surveillance vehicles have been highly appreciated in the field of surveillance and private investigations.  Let us define an Unmanned Surveillance Vehicle and how they are the most suitable choice when it comes to monitoring the employees and their work while they are at home.

The Unmanned Surveillance Vehicle(s) (USV) are stationary, non-intrusive automobiles or trucks equipped with WI-FI and 4 video cameras installed for a panoramic view that can be parked near a subject’s residence.  Licensed investigators can view live feeds and recordings from their office or in the field. The USV can be legally parked (i.e. away from fire hydrants, no parking zones, etc.) and record a subject throughout the day undetected.

The USV is an advanced approach to surveillance that cannot be interrupted by children or concerned neighbors who may otherwise call the police to report a suspicious person in the neighborhood. Additionally, they can be used 24 hours 7 days a week.  All the above specifications of this latest technology have made it the most beneficial choice for larger organizations or business owners to verify their employee’s activities.  Call the Tripi Detective Agency for your specific needs.