Solving Crimes Using Cellular Data

Cell phone analysis – Map, Connect and Uncover Trends in Mobile Device Data

The Tripi Detective Agency, LLC offers the following cell phone analysis services to law enforcement, criminal defense attorneys, insurance companies, missing persons, and search & rescue operations.

We obtain swift answers and offer captivating graphic evidence from call detail records (CDR’s) and location-based data.  Utilizing advanced analysis, we will assist in solving more cases at a much faster rate and the results will furnish data integrity that stands up in court.


  1. View a timestamped travel route at the speed of your choice.
  2. Animate additional location information, such as license plate reader, credit card transaction, CCTV/street cam timestamps, Uber/Lyft data, etc.

 Multi-Phone Support

  1. Watch twenty or more phones moving relative to each other in animation.
  2. Observe chronological communications between phones.
  3. Examine and identify mutual relationships of target phones.

Phone Behavior Profiling

  1. Use static map analysis to obtain a prioritized list of locations.
  2. Ascertain the frequency of phone location.
  3. Identify the locations of the phone late at night and early morning to suggest where a subject sleeps.

Immediately pinpoint every phone with whom the target phone communicated and their communication preferences (talk, text, etc.).

Data Upload

We have the ability to upload data files from all major cellular network carriers (AT&T, Cricket, T-Mobile, Metro PCS, Verizon, Sprint, US Cellular).

Cell Site Mapping

Establish the locations of all relevant carrier cell sites, both used and unused (knowing cell sites NOT used, more accurately determines a phone’s location). 

Call Mapping

  1. Effortlessly customize the visual representation of where each call occurred.
  2. Display all call details (Date/Time, Duration, Direction, Called/Calling #s)
  3. Accurately present RTT, PCMD, NELOS, and TrueCall Records

Geocoding & Custom Markers

Position markers, graphics, and labels on the map to reveal points of interest.

Solving Crimes Using Cellular Data


  1. Upload multi-format call detail records
  2. Map cell site locations
  3. Display device movement over time
  4. Load and analyze google data
  5. Establish patterns
  6. Share data with standardized reports