Skip Tracing Services for the Albany Area & the rest of New York State

Magnifying Glass On Cut-out Figures On Wooden DeskWhen you need help locating a defendant, witness or client’s whereabouts, our Albany, New York based private investigators can help nail down their location with our skip tracing services.

What is Skip Tracing?

Simply put, “skip tracing” is the process of locating a person. Getting it’s name from tracing those who’ve “skipped town,” skip tracing typically referred to hunting down debtors, fugitive, and witnesses. However today, skip tracing can be performed for a number of purposes.

Who uses Skip Tracing?

We help a number of people with our skip tracing services. Traditionally, debt collectors, bail bondsmen, bounty hunters, repossession agents, and journalists can benefit from skip tracing.

Attorneys and insurance companies also use skip tracing when they need help locating a defendant, policy holder, or a key witness for a trial.

What is the Process of Skip Tracing?

Our job as skip tracers it to procure lots of information from the little bit you have. Typically starting with a name, birth date, and last known whereabouts, we build from there!

As private investigators, we have access to several online skip tracing resources that allow us to locate the person you’re seeking. One of these resources is our online database searches. By combing through asset searches, court records, license searches, public records and more, we use advanced search technologies and public and private databases to find the right party faster.

Other hands-on approaches to locating persons include interviewing former neighbors and contacts to glean more information regarding where this person could possible have gone.

At the end of our process, you will receive a written report containing our findings, analysis, and informed opinion regarding the circumstances and whereabouts of your missing person.