Private Investigator for Corporations & Small Businesses

Looking for someone to help protect your business? Tripi Detective Agency is here to help corporations and small businesses across Albany, Schenectady, Troy, Saratoga, Glens Falls, and the rest of New York State. Whether it’s performing pre-employment background checks, uncovering employee misconduct and internal fraud, or providing bodyguard services, our team is here to help protect your company.

Types of Investigations for Corporations & Small Businesses

  1. Pre-employment Background Investigations
  2. Executive Protection
  3. Undercover Operations

Services Performed within Corporate Investigations

Pre-Employment Background Investigations

  • Address history
  • Authorized credit report
  • Civil records
  • Character reference check
  • Criminal records
  • DMV record check
  • Education verification
  • Employment history
  • Military
  • Professional license verification
  • Sex offender
  • Social Security verification

Executive Protection (Bodyguard)

Offers the safety of corporate personnel who may be at high risk for being taken hostage or physical criminal acts taken towards them.

Undercover Operations

Perform undercover ops for small business owners or corporations to reveal what is being stolen or compromised, where the activity is taking place, how it is being carried out and the identity of the people involved.