Distribution of funds

Utilize the Tripi Detective Agency Asset & Licensure Searches to ensure you receive an equitable distribution of funds in your divorce.

The Tripi Detective Agency provides our clients with superior leverage to ensure they are receiving an equitable distribution of assets.  We have uncovered millions of dollars not declared in matrimonial net worth statements from U.S. and Overseas accounts, real estate transactions and business contracts.

Our investigators thoroughly review divorce decree’s, net worth statements, Federal and State tax returns to uncover unreported assets.  Some tax returns appear to document everything on the surface.  However, a closer examination may reveal undisclosed physical or monetary resources.

We perform real property searches across the entire country to expose real estate transactions for an individual or business.  A comprehensive review of assessor records, deeds and mortgages will provide a detailed picture of what is going on behind the scenes.  Is there an undeclared home on a beach or ski resort?

Nationwide employment and business investigations are conducted to reveal several sources of income from multiple businesses.

What appears to be a hobby may unmask another nest egg by conducting a licensure search for a pilot license, multiple automobiles, boats, or equestrian.  Are these licenses really being used for a hobby or are they another means to run a business to attain a supplemental income?

Financial bank and brokerage accounts are routinely hidden nationally and abroad. Our financial search features extend beyond the continental USA to International for most holdings.**

These are only a few examples of what the Tripi Detective Agency can uncover for you to ensure you are receiving an equitable distribution of assets.  Call for an appointment today to discuss your specific needs.

**In compliance with GLBA and FCRA regulations