Detective Notes from Chris Tripi

Unmanned Surveillance Vehicle

Drone Technology Uses and Applications

Drones have become integral to the operations of numerous businesses and governmental organizations over the last few years. Drones are very useful in places where humans can’t get to or do things quickly and efficiently, from quick deliveries during rush hour to scanning an inaccessible military base. Increasing work efficiency and productivity, reducing workload and…
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Be a Licensed Private Investigator In New York State

You might be interested to be a private investigator. The good news is that private investigators are much safer than you might think. They rarely have to get involved in car chases or shootouts. It’s an attractive and viable way of making a living with the potential to earn a solid salary and great job…
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Drones Are A Valuable Tool For The Auto Insurance Industry

You have heard about drones being used in military operations or as intelligence-gathering tools by various law enforcement agencies. However, there are many ways you can use a drone. Drones for the property and casualty insurance industry Unheard of, but not less important, is the use of drones in the property and casualty insurance industry…
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Role Of Private Investigator in Modern World

Personal investigator, also known as private detectives, are individuals who conduct investigations on behalf of citizens, businesses, and organizations. Private investigators are also available to assist clients and defense attorneys in criminal or civil cases. Insurance companies often employ private investigators or detective agencies to investigate suspicious claims. Private investigators are also available to investigate…
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Division of Assets

Ensure you receive an equitable distribution of funds in your divorce

One aspect of divorce settlements is to divide marital assets between you and your spouse in a way that is both fair and impartial. Your attorney can assist you with creating a divorce settlement strategy once there is an accurately itemized list of the marital holdings. In order to make this a smoother process, you…
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Work From Home during Covid-19

Working From Home has Become a Challenge for Employers to Monitor the Productivity of Their Employee’s Work

In recent times, going to the office to work has changed significantly, primarily due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Prior to the pandemic, some employers started the trend by adding flexibility in the working style for the employees. In the 1990’s, for example, IBM realized the value by letting some of the work force work from…
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Reports of Missing Children Made to Law Enforcement in the US in 2018: 424,066

Act immediately if you believe your child is missing. Download this checklist of actions to be taken by families in the initial stages of a missing child case: If you have any questions call the NCMEC at 1-800-THE-LOST® (1-800-843-5678). If you are not located in the United States, call your country’s hotline.

Young girl on a swing

The Common Tricks Child Abductors Use

Are you familiar with the news show segments testing children’s safety knowledge? They often feature “strangers” trying to lure children with offers of ice cream, modeling contracts, or other goodies. Too many times, these tricks are successful. In these scenarios, even children who know better often ignore their safety rules. Would-be abductors count on this….
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Black and white photo of 3 young men and a police officer with a newspaper clipping. Headline: 3 Bronx Youths Held in Wave of Thefts

True stories of a NYPD Detective who later became a Private Investigator

The beginning and foundation of our business started with my father 20 year, veteran NYPD Detective Philip J. Tripi. After several years of him being in retirement, I proposed that we start BEA-2 Corporation, a private investigation company. He told me you need “moxie” in this business to get results. Below are a few abbreviated…
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